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Beku Kunststoffwerke

The history of Beku Kunststoffwerke began in 1977 with the founding of the company Replast GmbH in Beverungen on the Weser, which was dedicated to the topic of plastics recycling at an early stage.

7 years later, the company Beku GmbH & Co. KG was founded, which grew with plastic pipe and profile extrusion for cable protection. Originally founded as a family business by Heinz Vössing, the companies have always focused on delivering excellent products at a competitive price.

First and second generation 2023

In 2011, the foundation stone was laid for the production of plastic fittings by injection moulding with the company BQ-Rohrsysteme GmbH, which today offers water and wastewater pipe systems worldwide.

All our facilities are located in East Westphalia, where we are constantly improving and expanding our production capacities. We have built our business on long-standing customer relationships and are proud of these strong partnerships.

Today, the Beku Group is managed in the 2nd generation by Dipl.-Ing. Markus Vössing, who continues and develops the original philosophy of always offering our customers outstanding quality.

Replast GmbH
Foundation of the company Replast GmbH – plastics recycling
Beku GmbH & Co. KG
Foundation of the company Beku GmbH & Co. KG - Cable protection plates
Production of PVC cable conduits
Production of HD-PE cable conduits​
Production of domestic water pipes made of PP-R with DVGW approval
BQ-Rohrsysteme GmbH
Foundation of the company BQ-Rohrssysteme GmbH
Production of injection moulded fittings
Production and distribution of complete pipe systems
Production of the sound-insulated domestic wastewater system "BQ-San"
Foundation BQ-Americas, Wisconsin, USA
BQ-Middle East
Foundation BQ-Middle East, Dubai, UAE
Production of PE pipes up to 315 mm
Capacity expansion:

Expansion of the production plant for PE pipes up to a diameter of 315 mm for PE cable protection and PPR pressure pipes.


We are looking for reinforcement

Help shape our future!

We are looking for reinforcement

help shape our future!